Our primary cultivations are carried out by a 7 metre and 6 metre Vaderstad topdown and also a 6m Sumo Quatro cultivator which are all fitted with bio drills that we use to establish some of our Oil seed Rape.

Subsoiling when required is carried out by a 6m Sumo Quatro
When fit the ground is usually pressed. This helps to conserve moisture and creates a good level firm seedbed. .
Drilling is carried out using the farms two 8 metre Vaderstad rapid drills.
After soil mapping has been carried out, two 40m Agrifac Sprayers are used to apply the liquid fertiliser and sprays required to the crops.
Combine harvesting is carried out by using two New Holland CR10.90 combines which are both fitted with 41ft headers.
A 9 leg shakeracker has been modified in the farm workshop for loosening potato land prior to deep ridging.
De-stoning is then carried out prior to planting.